Imagine you’re Orphan Black and have just watched yourself jump in front of a train. Or Mike Wheeler hiding a girl in your basement. Or John McClane changing your clothes on Christmas Eve.

In those first moments they had no idea what kind of story they were going to be in.

Neither will you.

B1 "Shiner"

Who are you?

Trevor Lott:
What Trevor lacks in pizzazz he makes up for in level headedness. He's been behind a movie camera nearly all his life filming documentaries, commercials, music videos, and even an art film. He’s smart enough to realize that his innate ability to get the job done on time and on budget is more important than making some obscure artistic statement. Even now he is working with Finales Lettres to up his digital recording.  He was born in NYC, the oldest son of Agafiia Lotskiy, an accomplished ballerina from the former Soviet Union. He practically grew up backstage instilling him with a discreet love of dance, opera and classical music.

Meredith Craig:
Meredith has just graduated with a film studies degree from Aalto University. Things have been up in the air lately, she moved to Finland to attend the university and be with her boyfriend, but recently this relationship has fallen apart.  On the other hand, her Finnish and Russian have improved and it has provided ample fodder to fuel her You-Tube channel “Videoiden” (Time For Movies) for years to come.  A person of average looks, her laser sarcasm and disarming charm make her someone who always seems to be the center of attention. Wrapping up film work in the North Sea has practically wiped out the memories of her recent break up.

Shane Tate:
He has lived in Finland his whole life and is about halfway through a Communications degree at Aalto university. He volunteered to intern with Letres Finales to make sound recordings of waves in the North Sea.  He's having second thoughts about this kind of work.  Just maybe switching over to Philosophy or playing professional rugby is a better idea. He hasn't spoken to his parents yet, this kind of news might send them over the edge.

Opal Cooke:
She’s a survivor. Two ex-husbands and three restraining orders. It’s been rough keeping Shiner booked and running smoothly. She met Ray, her new partner in crime, a few months back online. She invited him over to help out with the work on the boat. Things have been easier...and they have an arrangement. This last time she hopes it will just work well enough. She likes Ray, really. Mostly her head is screwed on straight. Until she starts drinking.

Raymond Smith:
Everyone calls me Ray.  I grew up in the corn fields of Iowa, just your average kid. I threw rocks at bottles and rode my bike. I learned to sail because my uncle in Kenosha had this sailboat.  I always had trouble with the ladies, I guess.  I have two daughters, all grown now, living out of state.  Probably should stay in better touch.  Everyone is busy, you know?  I was in the navy, I quit my job at PEP boys to stay with this woman I met online.  Opal's her name, she has this old boat in England and crazy thing is we decided that to keep it running, I would help out. Did I say she was recently divorced?

Liliana Lane:
OK...Lane is not my real name, it's Anya Kromsokovic. I was going to be a news reporter, I knew I couldn't have people stumbling over my name. My degree is in journalism, started with sports reporting in a boring town in Florida. After a few years I could see things weren't going how I imagined. What do they say about dreams? I found a gray hair the other day. Made me think maybe it's time to start looking at life and stuff a little differently.

"Shiner" at Gary Con IX (2017). Scott (Trevor,left),
Jess (Opal, middle) and Jason (Ray, right)

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