Monday, December 19, 2016

New Blind Experiences: "Burj Khalifa" and "Zvezemuchka Slip"

B3: "Burj Khalifa"
6 hours + 6 player characters

B4: "Zvezemuchka Slip"
6 hours + 6 player characters

On this page you will find the build history of the player characters for Burj Khalifa and Zvezemuchka Slip. The nature of Blind dictates that everything is held back, however I have decided to allow for the characters to exposed before the event. This allows you to get a peek at these events and help you decide whether you want to play them. As the event draws near and they become solidified, I'll create shortcuts to the final characters.

September 5th, 2018:
Revealing anything substantive would spoil the experiences. This presents an interesting dilemma in promotion. A lot of work goes into each of these games. Every aspect is created from scratch. The game system, the experiences (modules/adventures), the artwork. What I can show is the work that goes into the characters. Right now I have the basic outlines roughed out and have started the research phase.  This requires a lot of reading to figure out the specifics of a locale, who lives there, customs, and so on. If it is one I am familiar with, it's easier, if not then I have a lot to learn. If I'm making it all up, then there still is a lot to create.

This time I am aiming to base the six main player characters on real people. I will interview each and photograph them to create the character versions that will be used in the game. I find that as a referee, the less control I have, the better.

Initial character ideation for Zvezemuchka Slip
More Refinement of above character
I'm a very visual person. Drawing is my a way to develop game ideas beyond written descriptions. This drawing here is how the game will get put together in my mind. I consider my artistic ability "Good", although also recognize that I may be delusional. More accurately, I'm happy with my work, it get's me where I need to be. These days I appropriate digital reference, gray it down and draw right over the image. You can see this in the top image. I am not simply tracing, the new image becomes significantly changed to be a unique piece of art. In my games I use visuals to get things across.

September 10, 2018:
I struggle for a number of days, basically wrapping my head around the world that needs to be made, what the various conflicts are and things that happen independent of the characters. This game only lasts 6 hours, so it has to have some outside forces to put pressure on the participants to make decisions quickly. This is one big difference between tournament and campaign play. Once I have a bunch of things that I like (locations, events, threads), I don't force them altogether neatly yet. Chaos is good here. The next step to bring things together comes with creating the six main characters:

Here are two for Zvezemuchkas Slip. These are not finals, there will be another round. The game is about these characters. It is not about the world or an event that these characters happen to be caught up in. They are the center. It is about them. That is why the world gets left loose, until I know these characters.

This one needs more work. Not in finished execution, the demeanor, it's not right yet.

September 12th, 2018:
I have six player characters now. As you can see, they get drawn and re-drawn a bunch of times until I get the right feeling from the artwork. Keep in mind, there are no stats or skill or descriptions of them, how they look is how I will decide to let them become finished. It's almost as if the drawing takes it out of my hands.

Cadda Anna Tirrence


Tla Gee To

Specialist Dzah

Lieutenant Geot

Commander KrendH
These are the player characters. There is a bunch of non-players to deal with. Because of the restrictions, these all remain secret.

September 14th, 2018:

Here are the first drafts of the Player Character Bio cards for Zvezemuchka Slip:

Four of Six Characters from Zvezemuchka Slip
September 19, 2018:

Next rev of two characters. One one more to overhaul and embellishments on rest, then the imaging part is complete.