Imagine you’re Orphan Black and have just watched yourself jump in front of a train. Or Mike Wheeler hiding a girl in your basement. Or John McClane changing your clothes on Christmas Eve.

In those first moments they had no idea what kind of story they were going to be in.

Neither will you.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Playing BLIND

I invite you to pull up a chair
and play a game in which
you know nothing.

Choose a character.
I'll lay out the
games starting point.

What will you discover?
BLIND game equipment for "Weeping Water"

Soap Opera? 
Super Hero? 
Super Science? 
Time Travel? 
Pre-Teen Romance? 
Something New? 

BLIND games have a start, middle and end.
Game mechanics are meant to be secondary.
Characters are described with text and pictures.
No stats, no numbers, no classes.
Forget experience points,
there is nothing to spend them on.
And, when it's done, it's done.

The next experience will be completely new.

Leave it all behind
and go in BLIND.