When you play this RPG you may discover that you’re Orphan Black watching herself jump off a train platform. Or Mike Wheeler hiding a girl with a shaved head in your basement. Or John McClane stepping out of the room to change your clothes on Christmas Eve.

In the beginning they had no idea what kind of story they were in. And just like them, neither will you.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Playing BLIND

Conspiracy? Magic? Espionage? Pulp? Adventure? Sci-Fi? Super Hero? Thriller? Super Science? Time Travel? Horror?

My lips are sealed.

BLIND is typically set in our world and era. Players are supplied with characters. Players don't know their characters exact stats or skills. An experience lasts one to three sessions and then that's it. No experience points or leveling up. It's all about the role playing of that particular character.

The next experience will be completely different.

Leave everything behind and go in blind.

Sometime in 2017 this game will be available in PDF and print.

ATTENTION Scott, Jess and Jason, I am putting all the stuff for the Gary Con IX game over on the left under BLIND 1. So if you have stuff to add it will go over there. Cheers!