When you play this RPG you may discover that you’re Orphan Black watching herself jump off a train platform. Or Mike Wheeler hiding a girl with a shaved head in your basement. Or John McClane stepping out of the room to change your clothes on Christmas Eve.

In the beginning they had no idea what kind of story they were in. And just like them, neither will you.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Playing BLIND

Super Hero?
Super Science?
Time Travel?

My lips are sealed.

Players in BLIND only know their starting point. Everything (including character stats and game mechanics) is discovered as the experience unfolds. "Adventures" last only a few sessions and when it's done, it's done.

The next story will be completely new.

Leave it all behind and go in blind.


  1. I'm going to slide in and ask a question. Sorry to the hundreds of people I cut in front of to be here. The mob out there is crazy. Are they fans or... Regardless, my question is why did you name it blind? in my opinion it could have been so much more. Not only does the title seem to make it fit into one genre, seemingly sticking it to the horror type game. And the background for this site doesn't help. The fact that it is one syllable as well, It doesn't make for a good name for an RPG it just doesn't seem like a name for a game such as this. Basically I want you to bend over backwards for me and change the name to something else. if you are struggling to make some new names. Here is a list I have compiled for you. Prognosis, Divination, Prophecy, Expectation. Maybe some made up word stemming from one of these. That is all, thank you for your cooperation.

    -The Irrirance

  2. "...are they fans of", of course you mean the other game no one's heard of: Basements and Lizards (sadly out of print for decades). I named this experiment BLIND after much deliberation. I liked the original name "The Game With No Name", but everyone thought it was a cowboy game, based on all those classic spaghetti westerns from earlier days. I tried a bunch of names and wisely ran them past my wife. Inchoate was high on the list, along with uncharted and unframed. Strangely, the word genre doesn't have an antonym. BLIND comes from a travel site where you sign up and they send you to a mystery destination. The title is short, memorable and I thought would pique people's interest. The background to this blog is meant to be just that, background. I thought "lines running off into an unknown distance" was appropriate. Hope that is helpful.

  3. I'm intrigued enough to give it a shot. See you at Gary Con.

    1. Indeed! I just re-edited the whole thing based on the first play-test (see above). I converted my Ref notes into digital versions...which character looks good to you? I am also running CNC on Sat morning at 8...so far no sign ups on another great adventure....sigh. Yes, I know it's early. BLIND is going to be, as our dear president phrases it, "tremendous"! BLIND still has two slots...

  4. Well, after much thought and re-reading the things you have sent back. Not only have I noticed you misread a portion of my insightful comment. But I have other comments I would like to make back at your reply. First, something you said ""...are they fans of", of course you mean the other game no one's heard of: Basements and Lizards"
    -Your reply to me.
    I did not say... "are they fans of" I said are they fans OR. referencing to an angry mob, a sort of low level humor that I felt I needed to add to my early internet submissions. Secondly, I have some new concepts for good names! The name I will disclose is my favorite, however it needs a little bit of work. The name is Inception to Intermittence, or I to I, Clever huh? One thing an educated homunculi might point out is: Intermittence is an adjective. It doesn't make sense in that context. While that is correct. It is a name, and many names are just made up words even. But the word intermittence not only starts with an I. to maintain the whole I to I thing. But it has a meaning that fits the suit of the game. Inception, means the establishment of a starting point. While intermittence means the repeated stop and start of something, for a period of time, so... Like you can now hopefully understand; together it means, the repeated start and restart of an established beginning. Because I know that this name is amazing, and I am such a generous person. I will hand you this name with no legal rigmarole. However, if you do use it. I get free access to 100% of the profits and the rights to the whole game. Ignoring that fact. Please use this name or change it as you will if you see fit. You also argued that the name: A game with no name. Was bound to a "cowboy game" genre. Not only do I disagree with that. But calling it blind does the same thing, but to a horror/mystery genre. The binding to that genre may also be stronger with the name being blind. But with the game you are trying to create this is the last thing you could want. Consider these things and re-read the text over and over again as yo u will. But just remember, i'm here to help.

    -The Irritance